1. How does Bamboo compare in hardness to other timber flooring?

  • All Venus Bamboo Flooring is much, much harder than any NZ native timber and almost all exotic species. Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring is 73% harder than Jarrah, which is a species prized for its strength and dent resistance. Most timber floors will dent over time, but with Strand Woven Bamboo you can even wear your favorite heels with confidence. Please refer to the section on Durability where a hardness graph will clarify
    hardness levels of varies species compared to Bamboo. 

2. What about the coatings - how do they compare to a floor which is coated on site?

  • This is one of the major benefits of pre-finished flooring. Water-based polyurethane coating is applied under controlled factory conditions, ensuring a superior finish. In all, there are 11 layers, including 2 layers with the exclusive that improves scratch resistance. This is not available in an on-site finished floor, in fact, in-situ coatings never have the durability of multi-coat factory finishes.
  • With pre-finished boards you will be able to see the finish before it is installed, so there will be no surprises. Over time, even with the best of care, a few scratches may appear, these can easily be treated - please refer to the Bamboo Maintenance Guide we have developed.


3. Why should I buy Venus Bamboo Floor over other brands?

  • We are the one of choice for builders, renovators, architects, and developers, due to our quality and the longest-established supplier.  We have conducted an exhaustive search for the best quality products available, with regular visits to China and a local agent on the ground.
         We offer:
    ·        competitive pricing;
    ·        quality products;
    ·        constant attention to technical improvements;
    ·        sound advice;
    ·        largest, most up-to-date Bamboo Flooring range, with;
    ·        constant expansion of range,  in keeping with worldwide flooring color trends;
    ·        showroom
    ·        free samples;
    ·        installation advice and service;
    ·        aftersales service  

4. What are the benefits of Venus Bamboo Floor?

  • The benefits of Venus Bamboo Floor are:
  • All Venus Bamboo Floors are the superior, traditional Cold Compressed Bamboo Floors – to our knowledge we are the only NZ suppliers of Cold Compressed Bamboo.  The Cold Compressed method of production, which is the traditional and more expensive method of production, is a much slower and better controlled method of production than the cheaper, mass production Hot Compressed alternative.  Cold compressing uses far less adhesive in its manufacture, thus benefiting the environment and indoor air quality – hence all Venus Bamboo Floors carry the European E0 Standard for emission of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds);

5. How can I protect the finish of my bamboo floor from wear over time?

  • Sweep and vacuum your floor regularly using a broom or dust mop. Brush or felt vacuum heads are recommended as opposed to vacuums with beater bars or hard heads. Use throw rugs both inside and outside doorways to prevent debris from being tracked onto floors. Keep pet’s claws trimmed to avoid excess scratches. Avoid contact with excess moisture. Avoid walking on your floors with cleats, sports shoes and high heels. Do not slide heavy furniture or appliances across the floor. 

6. What is a floating floor and why are they recommended?

  • A floating floor is one that is clicked together with the UNICLIC System and laid over a special underlay, much like carpet. This method is quick, with little disruption - it can be walked on instantly. A floating floor is also cost effective as underlay is cheaper than adhesive. There's no need to move out while the floor is installed as is often necessary with a glued floor, which must be allowed to cure before being walked on. The floating floor is held around the edges by the skirting boards, kitchen cabinets or aluminum trims. It might be better described as a gravity floor as the weight and mass of the floor material gives it a solid feel underfoot, not dissimilar to a glued floor.         

  • As our solid Bamboo floors boast an impressive 14mm thick boards, our Bamboo Floating Floors feel solid underfoot, unlike the 6mm -10mm laminates, which do have a much more lightweight feel when walked on. As environmental conditions vary throughout the year, the floor continually adjusts, this natural expansion and contraction is covered by the expansion allowed at the perimeters. This won't be seen as this is covered by your skirtings and trims. 



7. How do I fix a scratch on my finish?

  • If the scratch is white, the finish has not been compromised and is repairable. Simply using a flooring cleaner, like Bona, should eliminate these blemishes. If the scratch is deeper but the raw wood is not exposed, light buffing with a white polishing pad can shine up the dull area. Often the damage becomes  

8. Is it slippery?

  • Our flooring has been tested for slip resistance (dry test) and meets this standard. 

9. Where does the Bamboo come from?

  • All our Bamboo is sourced from China, from FSC Approved.   Bamboo is neither a softwood nor a hardwood, but rather a member of the botanical family of grasses. The species is Phyllostachys Pubescens, commonly named Mao or Moso Bamboo, this particular species of Bamboo also Panda Friendly, as Pandas do not eat Moso Bamboo.   Bamboo grows extremely well in South East China, often on land which is of poor quality and uneconomic for other uses

10. Can I put heavy furniture on floated flooring?

  • Heavy furniture (500+ lbs.) may obstruct the free, natural movement of a floated floor. Restricting this movement in certain areas can lead to problems such as buckling or separation when the floor experiences natural expansion and/or contraction.  

11. How is using Bamboo benefiting the environment?

  • Research has shown that compared to trees and other plants, Bamboo is much more efficient at sequestering atmospheric CO2, which is good news for climate change.  

Flooring-bamboo flooring FAQ

  • If you have a minor chip or slight damage, this may be  minimized with a colored wax. Color Rite Caulk and Mohawk Fill Sticks are wood fill products that work great to reduce the appearance of deeper blemishes. For light scratches we recommend Tibet Almond Stick. If the damage is severe enough, board replacement is typically the best option. In most cases, more than one shade may be appropriate.  



13. Can I refinish my Venus Bamboo Flooring?

  • Major modifications are not recommended and are never a guaranteed solution; all repairs are unique. Excessive sanding is not covered under warranty. Nevertheless, the method of refinishing Venus bamboo Flooring is the same as any hardwood flooring. An aluminum oxide coating is advisable. Please always seek assistance from an Certified Specialist, and always test on a sample plank before you proceed. 

14.What changes can I expect in my flooring from season to season?

  • Venus Bamboo floors, like all species of hardwood flooring, are subject to changes in temperature and humidity. Seasonal fluctuations in relative humidity may cause the flooring to gain moisture with periods of high humidity, and lose moisture during low periods of humidity. These changes may be noticeable. During warm, humid weather, wood expands. During dry weather, wood contracts. This seasonal movement is a normal characteristic of wood flooring, and can be minimized by using a HVAC system to maintain relative humidity between 40%-60%. 

15.Can I install bamboo flooring in my kitchen?

  • Yes, bamboo flooring can be installed in a kitchen area. Bamboo is fairly resilient but you would need to be careful to wipe away any water spills or accidents straight away, so that liquid does not soak into the flooring.  

16.Can I install bamboo in my bathroom?

  • Unfortunately we cannot recommend any of our bamboo floors for use in a bathroom as they are not 100% waterproof. However, many customers have used them in bathrooms without any problems. If you do choose to go ahead it is best to seal all the joints with WPVA and once fitted run clear silicon around the outside to stop any water getting in the joints. Please note: your warranty would be void if using bamboo flooring in a bathroom or wet room.  


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