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Bamboo Flooring-Venus Solid Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

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  • Venus bamboo products are one of the best in the world. Venus offers unique and beautiful products with service support like no other.  Used throughout the world by Architects, Designers, Builders and Consumers, bamboo flooring will add a distinctive style to your work or living spaces. If you haven't used a Venus product before,  then you haven't experienced what it is like to purchase  high  quality, durable and beautiful Bamboo flooring.
    Venus  was set up with the express purpose of challenging the use  of  traditional  hardwood building products. We emphasize both gorgeous design while also understanding the importance of  using  sustainable products that are truly hard wearing and do not compromise on beauty or aesthetics.
    Our  knowledgeable  team  is  here to help you and will  work  to understand your needs and make the information gathering and decision  making  process  easy  for  you. We will always go  the extra mile to get you exactly what you want!
    Find  out  now  what you have been missing and why our clients love Venus bamboo products. Think bamboo, think Venus!


About us

  •  We  concentrate  on  bamboo  flooring  products  and source  them  from  high  quality  and  sustainable producers  so  you  can  relax and enjoy the beautiful long  lasting  flooring  we  provide.   While  our  main products are bamboo flooring we can also offer other solutions to suit your needs.  We  have  been  in  the market  for  years,  and  we  have  experienced  team members who love their work and coming up with the right flooring solution for you.

  • The Mission
    The mission of Venus Flooring is to promote the use of bamboo as a new material for everyday products. It is our hope that by providing alternative products made from this renewable resource that we can also make a big difference in the future of our planet.



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